how has it been going?

So it has been several weeks since doing my Whole30 paleo challenge and I am here to tell you how things are going. Well, they are going pretty good actually. I have been able to stay with the no grains, legumes, and no process junk for the most part. I have had a few slip ups and binges that are not good but I have been able to pick myself back up and continue eating paleo style.

I am really liking Chris Kresser’s view on using paleo as a template for eating since there is not a cookie cutter way of eating because everyone is so different.

I have had CherryBerry’s a few times and seem to be able to handle the dairy pretty well and have thought about adding some cheese, but not cheap cheese. I am not sure, I will have to think about it for awhile.

I have been thinking about growing a garden in my backyard. We have a raised section in our backyard that looks like a jungle right now. I may start to clean it up and slowly (very slowly) turn it into a a small garden.

UPDATE…I started this post on Tuesday and finishing it on Wednesday…Tuesday night I started the clean up of the back yard. Here is a video that will explain everything better.


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