The Gallbladder Blues

For about the last 6 months I had been having gallbladder attacks, at least that is what I soon discovered was the source of the excruciating pain that would sometimes bring me to my knees. The pain would sometimes last 2 hours and I would either be pacing the floor or on the floor. I am not sure if I was just afraid of what a doctor would tell me or if I just ignored it the episodes would go away but for that 6 months I did nothing about it. I knew it had something to do with my diet and I was trying to eat healthier but it was not until mid October that I had the worst gallbladder attack that I decided to see a doctor. It was about 4 in the morning and I was awaken by the urge for a bowel movement, sorry to gross you out, but I could not not go. Then suddenly that old familiar pain started in the center of my chest…no it was not a heart attack. I begin pacing the living room in hopes that it would eventually go away like the other times. After an hour the pain was still there and I began to feel nauseous, I went outside and began heaving liquid. That episode finally went away after two and half hours. It was then I decided to see a doctor.

To keep my gallbladder or not to keep my gallbladder…that was the question.

After getting a sonogram done I was told I indeed had gallstones. A nurse told me that the next step would be to setup a consult with a surgeon so that we could schedule a day to have my gallbladder removed. WAIT…STOP…what if I did not want it removed. I began scouring the Internet since we all know every thing on the Internet is the truth. I began finding home remedies where I would drink only apple juice for 4 days and then chug down 1/4 cup of olive oil and I would be able to see the gallstones in my toilet the next morning. Then I read that this self healing ritual was the stuff of health nut-whackos.

My consultation with the surgeon went very well. I told him I wanted to keep my gallbladder and he told me that I had small mobile gallstones but there was not thickening of the walls of my gallbladder and he was comfortable with me controlling everything with my diet. So the low fat adventure that I had begun awhile back suddenly got kicked into high gear. I have done a lot of reading on certain foods that aid in gallbladder health and what foods to avoid.

So a new journey has begun, one that will consist of a lot less saturated fats, less meats, more juicing, and a lot of exercise.

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