How I signed up for a half marathon twice

During the years I was in the Marine Corps, 1993 – 1997, I ran all the time. Not because I wanted to but because they made me. After the Marine Corps I tried to keep up with my exercise but succumb to daily life and exercise was part of my routine and my belly showed it. About three years ago I decided to try running again to help with my weight loss and all around health. You can watch my first 1k run below.


After that race I trained so that I could participate in 5k runs. I had several highs and lows so far in my running but if fast forward to today I can say that I have ran in several 5Ks, some 8Ks, and 10Ks. And now I am training for a half marathon.

I have purchased all kinds of equipment and different running shoes all this time, some helpful and some not so much.

The Nike+ system worked really well. I was able to use the little pod to put into my shoe which then recorded my strides and let me know my distance.

I tried using Vibram Five Finger shoes. I am not sure I gave them enough time for my body to get used to them so I don’t use them anymore. Here is a video of me trying them out.

This Couch to 5k Program helped me get started with a more regimented training plan.

Then after a long time of not running (and gaining weight back) I tried out a Couch to 10k program that I installed on my iPhone. This really helped me back on track with my running.
Saucany shoes

For the half marathon training I have been using Hal Higdon’s program that was recently made available as an iPhone app. There are a few quirky things I don’t like about that app but overall it has helped me keep my training organized.

So, I have been checking out the site for the Route 66 Marathon and getting excited about this event. I got an email that stated that they price of the entry fee would increase soon so I decided I needed to sign up. I grabbed my iPad and began with the registration process. After filling out what seemed to be 3 pages of online forms I hit submit and boom it tells me I already registered. I was a bit confused but then after some more research I found that I had in fact signed up several months ago.

The bad part of this is that this is evidence of my memory getting worse with age, the good news is that I had saved even more money by registering way early.

So, I am all signed up and ready to go. I still have a lot of training to do as my longest run so far is 6 miles but by the end of training I will be up to running 10 miles.

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